Frequently Asked Questions

I have garments, will you embroider or print them?

Unfortunately we do not offer this service. We only embroider and print garments which we supply. We offer competitive prices for an enormous range of clothing and accessories.

I'm not sure what garments I need, can you help?

Certainly! We have a fully stocked showroom in Athy, Co. Kildare but if you can’t visit us, fill out our Quote form with as much information as possible, we can suggest different brands and styles to suit your business or organisation.

I have a logo, how can I get it to you and what format do you need it?

We can accept a wide range of formats through email. We have a page for Artwork Requirements here, and this will help explain what is required.

I don't have a logo, can you help me?

We sure can. We don’t do full brand designs, but we can help you, and your business or organisation, with logos and additional graphics for your clothing and accessories. Contact us with your ideas and we can make it work for you.

How do I keep my garments in the best condition?

It all depends on the garment, but some general advice would be to wash your garments inside out, at as low a temperature as possible (30 degrees is good) with a decent detergent. Hang dry your garments and avoid the tumble dryer at all costs- the combination of heat and friction from the other clothes and the drum in a tumble dryer will affect the fabric and lessen it’s life span.