Embroidering hats, closeup of crests, shelves of embroidery thread

With embroidery, you have many options to choose from-

  • We have a wide range of thread colours to choose from- we can match your logo as close as possible.
  • We can embroider multiple positions- chest, sleeve, yoke, back, hem (each position is an additional fee).
  • We can also personalise individual garments, with names and initials.


  • We provide an in-house digitisation service. We can convert your logo or design in to an embroidery pattern.
  • Not all embroidery is equal and a badly digitised design can lead to puckering and distortion of your logo, or it wearing badly in the wash.
  • We embroider your design on scrap fabric and send you the physical sample or a photo of your embroidered design.