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We specialise in finding hard wearing, professional workwear so that when you arrive at your job site, you look as professional as the service you are providing.

How we put your name and logo on gear

Depending on the garment, we can embroider or print your logo and/or contact details. 

There are advantages to each process which we explain on the embroidery and screen printing services page. 

Use the best process for the clothing

Use the process to suit the garment- embroidering a cotton t-shirt will result in a puckered mess after a few washes; t-shirt cotton is spun to give a nice soft feel but is prone to shrinking in the wash. Embroidery thread doesn’t, therefore causing that bunching up or puckering. Most polo shirts, even 100% cotton, are a pique fine weave, which resists shrinking and distorting through wash and wear.

Costs- please bear in mind that each location you get embroidered or printed is an additional cost. We can embroider with up to 15 coloured threads at no additional cost, but with screen printing, there are additional costs per colour printed.

Speaking of locations, we can embroider left chest, right chest, both shoulders, large back, on the yoke, above the back hem line and always looking for new places to embroider.

Popular choices for tradespeople

  • Polo Shirts (embroidered, and/or printed)
  • Round-neck (crew neck) sweatshirts (embroidered, and/or printed)
  • Hooded Sweatshirts (embroidered, and/or printed)
  • Fleeces (embroidered)
  • Softshells (embroidered)
  • Round neck T-Shirts (printed)
  • HiVis Polo Shirts (embroidered/printed)
  • T-Shirts (embroidered/printed)
  • HiVis Vests (printed)
  • HiVis Bomber Jackets (embroidered/printed)
  • Wooly caps
  • Baseball Caps

As well as the above, we do other specialised garments such as overalls.