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With embroidery, you have many options to choose from-

We have a wide range of thread colours to choose from- we can match your logo as close as possible.

We can embroider multiple positions- chest, sleeve, yoke, back, hem (each position is an additional fee).

We can also personalise individual garments, with names and initials.

Embroidery Work: Clothing


We provide an in-house digitisation service. We can convert your logo or design in to an embroidery pattern.

Not all embroidery is equal and a badly digitised design can lead to puckering and distortion of your logo, or it wearing badly in the wash.

We embroider your design on scrap fabric and send you the physical sample or a photo of your embroidered design.

Embroidery Work: Beanies/Hats


  • High quality and hard wearing
  • Minimum quantity is just four garments
  • 15 Colour Designs
  • In-house digitisation
  • Ideal for high-temperature washing
  • Suitable for wide range of garments, from polo shirts to jackets