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Regardless of what business you are in, providing you and your employees with branded workwear has so many positive benefits.

As well as continuing your brand, you are promoting a sense of community/unity amongst your workforce. 

You are also showing your employees how you value them by providing them comfortable clothing to wear everyday in the workplace.

We can supply workwear suitable for each member of your staff- men and ladies, and you’re not tied to the same styles or colours.

We can advise on the best garments to choose for your workforce. We stick with well known brands such as Regatta Professional as they have some of the best fleeces, soft shells and jackets on the market, at great price-points.

What is commonly found in ‘package’ deals are non-brand generic garments. Aside from lack of longevity and durability, they are often ill-fitting and lack the warmth of reputable brands.

Contact us today or call in and see our samples in our showroom.

Additional Services

  • Embroidered name/initials
  • Name/Barcode labels, heat pressed in garments
  • We can package garments for each employee for easier distribution
  • We can ship workwear directly to employees using tracked An Post.